5 Common Misconceptions about Matrimonial Websites.

5 Common misconceptions about matrimonial websites

With everyone’s busy schedule it is difficult for people to meet others naturally and form connections. In the old days where there were relatives who would bring news of would-be grooms and brides to different families, now there are matrimonial websites that do the job of meeting up both the parties.

Even when there are millions of profiles on matrimonial websites, there are tons of misunderstandings surrounding the whole concept. Reshimbandhan, being the best Marathi matrimony website helps you clear all your misconceptions regarding matrimony websites.

Misconception no 1 – Matrimony website profiles are all fakeThis misconception is outdated and false. While there may be many fake matrimonial websites a decade back ago when they were still a novelty, but now there are popular enough websites that have earned their trust among the population. One such website is Reshimbandhan.com, the best matrimony site for Marathi people – it has thousands of Marathi brides to be and grooms to be on their database waiting to find their perfect match.

Websites such as Reshimbandhan make sure that all their accounts are verified and any fake accounts that may be created are deleted quickly.

Misconception no. 2 – A marriage where you meet your partner through matrimony website doesn’t last long

There are many who feel that meeting your partner through a matrimony website is a waste of time and money because it’s not authentic. Since you don’t know the person or their family, it seems not as genuine to some as meeting them naturally. There is no other way, however, to meet your perfect match for arranged marriage than meeting someone on a matrimonial website.

There is no awkwardness of finding out about the details of the bride or groom through hear-say as everything is already present in the profile description. Since the profiles are verified you know the information given is true.

There are plenty of people in a successful marriage who have met via matrimonial websites.

Misconception no. 3 – Having a matrimonial profile will kill your social image

There are some people with false pride who think that meeting your soulmate online will kill their social image. This, however, is false. Judging from the millions of young people on various matrimony sites, it can be learned that one in four marriages happening in India is via matrimony websites like Reshimbandhan.

Misconception no.4 –  Online matrimony websites are a waste of time and money

Although people feel that meeting your partner online is an arduous task that consumes a lot of time and money. The truth is that meeting through online matrimony websites is much easier and time efficient than going and meeting different people face to face.

Since all you have to do is look at profiles and choose the ones that meet your standards and meet them, it is much easier to meet more people via matrimony websites.

Misconception no. 5 – Matrimony websites are only for those older

One misconception in regards to the matrimony website is that it is only for older people who have either failed to meet via offline traditional methods. If you look at the profiles that are on most matrimony websites, however, you’ll find that most profiles online are of people who are of prime age for marriage (and of course there are older ones who are looking for second-marriage partners) ranging all the way from 20 years old to those in the forties and fifties.

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