6 fun Indian wedding games your guests will love to play

6 fun Indian wedding games your guests will love to play

Imagine a wedding where there is no music, games or laughter from the guests. Such a boring wedding is every bride and groom’s nightmare! To avoid this, you need to make sure all your guests are having a great time. One way to ensure this is to plan fun little wedding games in between lulling periods of the ceremony. Here is a list of fun Indian wedding games to play that all your relatives, irrespective of age- can come together and enjoy.

Find the Groom name in Mehndi

Find groom name in mehndi

You don’t need an introduction to this game. It is one of the most popular traditional wedding game that is always been a part of Indian weddings. In this game, the bride has to incorporate the initials of the groom in her elaborate mehndi design and not make it obvious. The brides’ mehndi design is intricate, so hiding the initials in the design is quite possible. The groom, on the other hand, must find his initials in the mehndi in limited time.

Indian Karaoke

If it’s one thing Indians love to do at weddings is to sing and dance. In such a joyous occasion where everyone is merry and in the mood for singing- you could set up a karaoke or the Indian singing game of ‘antakshari’ where the two teams compete by singing songs starting from the last syllable of the previous song.

Indian Karaoke

Ukhane– Two-line verse with groom’s name

Ukhane- Two-line verse with groom’s name

One of the most traditional games played in Marathi weddings is asking the bride to sing a two-verse poem with her groom’s name assimilated in the song. This is usually done when the new bride and groom are sitting for lunch or dinner- this is where the newly wed wife utters the husband’s name in a graceful rhyming couplet or four-line verse.

Fish the Ring

One of most traditional games played in Indian weddings is fish the ring. In this game, a ring is hidden in a shallow pot of milk, flowers and water for the groom or bride to find it. Both have to guess with the touch of their hand where the ring is hidden and find it before the other does. All in good spirit!

Fish The Ring

Pani-puri eating contest

Pani-puri is an all-time favourite street food of Indian people- whether they are from the north, south, east or west. You can arrange a pani-puri eating contest between the bride’s family and groom’s family. To make the contest more exciting you can keep a big prize for the winning side.

Pani Puri Eating Contest

Shoe-Hiding game

One of the most popular traditional Indian wedding game (which also has a pretty famous song dedicated to it) is the shoe-hiding game. In this game, the bride’s cousins and siblings hide the groom’s wedding shoes when he removes them for the ceremony or for the puja.

Meanwhile, the groom’s siblings try to hide the shoes from the brides’ cousins. The prize money has to be given by the groom after the bride’s siblings successfully get hold of the shoes. After all, its joote do paise lo!

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