Arranged Marriage First Meeting Conversations.

Arranged marriage first meeting conversations

Arranged marriage is a common way of getting married in India. Although there is a growing number of love-marriages, arrange marriages are still common all over India. While in the old days the bride or groom’s parents were the ones’ meeting and making the decision, the bride/groom themselves have taken this role (rightfully) in the modern day.

Now it is common for the groom to be and bride to be to meet beforehand and see is they are compatible. This meeting, however, can be awkward for both the parties.

Reshimbandhan, the best matrimonial site for Marathi community gives you some arranged marriage first meeting conversation starters to make it as smooth and relaxed as possible.

Break the ice with a light-hearted/ general comment

Don’t start with serious or convoluted sentences or questions. People are usually shy while meeting others, even if it’s not in their nature. So, they need something that can ease up the beginning of the conversation.

This can be done by making a general statement – like “you have a lovely home” or more common conversation starter topics like about the weather or traffic, etc.

Ask them about their hobbies and occupation

You can tell a lot about the person from their career choice and hobbies. Of course, their occupation is already mentioned on their profile, but you can go into detail and ask them about what they do day to day in the office. Plus, hobbies are a perfect way to know a person’s likes and dislikes.

If they like to play football or cricket, you know they are more of an outdoorsy person. If they like to go clubs on the weekend you know they are an extrovert.

Lifestyle choices

One of the most important questions is to ask about their lifestyle. What are their food habits? Do they like to eat often? Or are they more interested in having home-cooked meals? Do they drink?

You don’t have to ask all the questions; you can observe their behaviour around the people and draw some observations of your own.

Expectations from a partner

Knowing the expectations of the prospective partner and making your expectations clear at the initial meeting is essential. Ask them what they are looking for in a partner – should they be earning this much? Should they own their own flat? Any preference look-wise? This question will help you steer clear of those who have different expectations that what you can offer and vice-versa.

Like for e.g. if the groom-to-be expects his bride to be a stay at home wife, he should make his expectations clear at an initial meeting.

Future goals and plans

Heavy questions related to finance and other personal plans can be kept for another meeting, but some future plans must be cleared at an initial meeting. One such thing is your future career plans, like if they involve traveling abroad or settling in a foreign country.

If the bride to be or groom to have future plans to study more or have career goals that involve transfers, then those plans should be disclosed beforehand.

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