Our Recent Happy Stories

Rahul and Vaishali met on reshimbandhan.com
Rahul and Vaishali

Very good profiles and very easy to use application, I am glad that i found my soulmate... Thanks to Reshimbandhan

From kolhapur and Mumbai

Sharad and Savita met on reshimbandhan.com
Sharad and Savita

I got a suitable and very good match through Reshimbandhan App without making much efforts.

From Satara and Aurangabad

Aniket and Pranali met on reshimbandhan.com
Aniket and Pranali

Thanks Reshimbandhan.com which helped us in finding the right match.

From Pune and Sangali

Ganesh and Manisha met on reshimbandhan.com
Ganesh and Manisha

Married with Ganesh Raut, Thanks to Reshimbandhan.com

From Pune and Thane

Aniket and Apurva met on reshimbandhan.com
Aniket and Apurva

I found my soulmate on Reshimbandhan website..... Thanks...

From Jalgaon and Jalgaon

Dipak and Ratna met on reshimbandhan.com
Dipak and Ratna

Very good experience with Reshimbandhan.com

From Satara and kolhapur

Pramod and Tejashri met on reshimbandhan.com
Pramod and Tejashri

Thank you very much Reshimbandhan Team, who guided me time to time regarding the best way to find my partner.

From Sangli and Kolhapur

Bhimrao and Sujata met on reshimbandhan.com
Bhimrao and Sujata

I really want to thank Reshimbandhan.com because of you, i met wit my soulmate.

From Latur and Jalgaon

Swapnil and Vidya met on reshimbandhan.com
Swapnil and Vidya

Thanks to Reshimbandhan for helping me find my partner. Just a week on this application that I received a call from the family I got in a relationship with. I can’t thank you enough for making me meet my future. Happy and blessed

From Pune and Nanded

Maroti and Shubhangi met on reshimbandhan.com
Maroti and Shubhangi

My partner found me on Reshimbandhan and connected me for marriage. We got married.

From Pune and Latur

Balkrishna and Ranjana met on reshimbandhan.com
Balkrishna and Ranjana

We both are completely so happy with our marriage thanks a lot Reshimbandhan.com and team.

From Thane and Solapur

Kaustubh and Swati met on reshimbandhan.com
Kaustubh and Swati

I found my perfect match for life on Rehimbandhan.com. Easy, simple and beautiful matrimony . Thanks a lot Reshimbandhan.

From Pune and Pune

Rahul and Gayatri met on reshimbandhan.com
Rahul and Gayatri

I met her on Reshimbandhan. I was a paid member so got her contact number. Talked with her for 6 month. Could find our likes and dislikes. After that we met each other got married and will live with each other throughout our life.. Thanks Reshimbandhan for finding my life mate.

From Ahmednagar and Nashik

Appasaheb and Ambika met on reshimbandhan.com
Appasaheb and Ambika

Thankyou Reshimbandhan for bringing us together

From Kolhapur and Solapur

Hitesh and Mumtaj met on reshimbandhan.com
Hitesh and Mumtaj

its a very good experience for me and i got my best gift of my life and i found my life partner from reshimbandhan.com thank you.

From Pune and Kolhapur

Nana and Meghana met on reshimbandhan.com
Nana and Meghana

its a very good experience for me and i got my best gift of my life and i found my life partner from reshimbandhan.com thank you.

From Solapur and Sangli

Milind and Swati met on reshimbandhan.com
Milind and Swati

We find each other on Reshimbandhan.com. Thank you reshimbandhan for providing personal match making.

From Pune and Chandrapur

Kailas and Sulbha met on reshimbandhan.com
Kailas and Sulbha

Reshimbandhan is the website from where I got best choice of my life. Thanks for giving us best platform.

From Nagpur and Raigad

Sangram and Sharvari met on reshimbandhan.com
Sangram and Sharvari

Its the best Matrimonial site that shows the genuine profiles for you. I am grateful to RB that i found my better half here.

From Kolhapur and Thane

Kiran and Vaishali met on reshimbandhan.com
Kiran and Vaishali

Reshimbandhan.com helped me to find my life partner. Thanks for bringing happiness to our life. Appreciate your services.

From Pune and Jalgaon

Dinesh and Sujata met on reshimbandhan.com
Dinesh and Sujata

I am pleased to inform that I've found my life partner. We are thankful to Reshimbandhan for bringing us together.

From Satara and Sangali

Avadhoot and Renu met on reshimbandhan.com
Avadhoot and Renu

We found each other as life partner which we had dreamed for. Thanks to Reshimbandhan.com

From Solapur & Latur